Insight into America’s : The Top Three Best Sellers

If anyone was interested in tapping into the pulse of the American people, the top three books on the New York Times Best Sellers list this week might offer an insight. While individually each book has some merit, taken collectively, there pulse of the American people is obvious. Those in the seat of power should would be wise to pay attention.

Book #3 is  Mark Leibovich’s This Town, a examination of Washington D.C. ‘s establishment since the death of Tim Russert. Americans have sensed for quite sometime that all is not well in the nation’s capital. While the mainstream media has long had a propaganda arm, that aspect has always been more subtle. The naked reality of the propaganda nature has become glaring in recent years. Leibovich’s book looks at the underbelly of this world. As Susan Gardener ‘s review published in the  Daily Kos sums it up marvelously:

Well, it’s certainly gossipy and (frankly, embarrassingly) rollicking fun and sharply written. And it certainly documents the trivial preoccupations of the preening class of politicians, media personalities who cover them, and lobbyists who attempt to sway them—the collective class Leibovich calls “the poli-media pigpen.” But the bottom line is, these egomaniacs control our information flow and run our government. The fact that they are turbocharged with one-upmanship, starved for attention, single-mindedly devoted to advancing their personal “brand”—these facts are not trivial. And it’s pretty damning that one of their own—a guy who freely admits he partakes of the same parties, funerals, bar mitzvahs and weddings as his co-horts—is turning over the rock and shining a light there for the rest of us.

Book #3 provides Americans with the evidence that all is not well in D.C. It is one thing to have suspicion, but suspicion requires proof for people to have the basis to act. Leibovich’s book provides that proof.

Book #2, Zealot by Resa Aslan holds a strange place on the list. In fact, many people have been upset about this book because it is being promoted as an examination of historical evidence on Jesus. While that is what is claimed, the book is really nothing more than Muslim opinion of Jesus. Reza Aslan is a devote Muslim who provides the Muslim case against the deity of Christ. James Dickerson’s review of Zealot at Fox News is quite revealing on that score.  It is opinion, not historical evidence.

However, what is important for our purposes here is the book’s emphasis on Jesus’s role as a revolutionary and his ability to bring about change. The book taps into the desire for change through its examination of the revolutionary aspect of Christ’s earthly mission.

The #1 book on the list is Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. There is no sex, no bloodshed, no scandal. It is an examination of our constitution and one other path for amending the constitution that has not been used. He also suggests some very well thought out amendments and provides the basis for those amendments. While scholarly in scope, it is easily accessible to the common person.
If you only read one book ever again in life besides the Bible, let it be this one. It is a book you want in hard copy, because it you will want to refer back to it.

The book taps into something else American’s seek: a solution to the antics of Washington, D.C.

Policy makers be aware. Americans have the evidence they need to act. The have a historical inspiration for change. They have a possible solution. All that is left is to get the job done

Times Best Sellers Part 3a