RCAS Middle School Youth Development Survey Requires Parental Consent

South Dakotans Against Common Core

The Rapid City School District will be conducting a survey for middle school students. Two local moms went to their school to ask to see the survey. They were able to get a few pictures of  this confidential survey. A survey the district claims if parents know the questions, they will compromise the integrity of the results. Seriously, our children can see the questions, but parents are not allowed?

These questions are measuring attitudes, beliefs, behavior and dispositions. This is not a requirement of K-12 education. Why do they need to know? And can we just tell Middle School Students how to get non-prescription drugs and what they can do.

Students will take this survey online. Chiesman Center for Democracy. There is nothing anonymous about anything done online. This survey is more than 10 pages, and here are a few of those pages.

On this page children are asked to “Rate…

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